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Winter Plein Air Oil Demo 1 step 6

Winter Plein Air Oil Demo 1 step 6
Oil on oil on linen
12" x 16"
Winter Plein Air Oil Demo 1 step 6 by Michael Budden Oil ~ 12" x 16"

In this step, Im adding heavier layers of paint and still finding and losing edges. Little by little I also build up certain details that help to tell the story about this place in an attractive way and hopefully shows you why I stopped to paint this spot. This is the final stage outside and you can see that I left the bottom right corner unpainted so that I could carry the painting without smudging it or getting paint all over me. I will cover that section in the studio.


Painting on location is for your artist soul and is a direct record of not only pure inspiratiion but your battle with all of the elements of plein air painting. If you practice this approach to painting you will see improvement over time, develope your own process, etc. Doing it with other artists is a great experience also and can lead to a lasting frienship.

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